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Home Owners

Are you looking to sell or refinance your property - or considering a short sale on your home?

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Real Estate Professionals

Need a responsive, efficient title company to handle your listing or solve your short sale problems?

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Are you a real estate investor looking to streamline your process and maximize your profit margin?

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  • Signature Title Professionals is always ready to assist us and our clients in every need. Closings are an ease and the communication between the closing agent is always professional and timely.

    Coral matos

    Coral Matos

    Central Florida Processing, LLC

  • Joseph Galan and his team @ Signature Title Professionals have been a positive asset to my career with FBC Mortgage, LLC. Every one of my customers have been very satisfied and that is one part of a successful sale. I can always count on them to do their job well! I am proud to refer my customers, friends and Family to Signature Title Professionals.

    Fbc mort

    Christina Santana

    FBC Mortgage

  • Signature Title goes above and beyond what they need to do in order to accommodate the agent and their customer. I personally know that they stay late to make sure files close on time. On one of my deals, the owner was at the office until 10:00 PM. I love working with them because; THEY CARE!!!


    Richard David

    CEO of Only Way Realty

  • I cannot say enough good things about Joseph and his entire team at Signature Title Professionals! They are efficient, professional and most of all – effective. While I have worked with them for years, I recently handed them two of the most challenging short sales of my career. Both were hovering at the two year mark while working with other negotiators. Once Signature Title Professionals began to work them, we received approvals on each within 60-90 days. It was truly amazing to see their results - I highly recommend Signature Title Professionals!


    Hallie Welch

    Only Way Realty