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Having the right team on your side in any business, and especially in the real estate industry, can make the difference between excellence and mediocrity, or even failure. At Signature Title Professionals, we understand that your success directly reflects on ours and we make it our goal to produce an unparalleled level of service and provide the support you need to maximize your opportunity for success. We take pride in the trust and confidence we have earned from our clients and we make every effort to become an invaluable part of your team. As your title company, you can rely on us to:

Conduct efficient, accurate closings.

The basic job of a title company is to clear title, transfer ownership and issue a title insurance policy. While the majority of title companies stop at that, at Signature Title Professionals we take it upon ourselves to ensure that the closing process is not only completed accurately, but as efficiently as possible. We take a proactive approach and open a consistent line of communication between all parties. Routine follow up and file tracking procedures allow us to identify problems and complications early so they can be addressed and resolved, minimizing closing delays and file cancellation. We utilize current technology and a superior banking platform to streamline our process and facilitate a seamless closing.

Provide a superior client experience.

“Referrals, referrals, referrals” have always been, and will always be, a real estate professionals lifeline. There is no better way to increase your referrals than to have your clients walk away from the table with a great closing experience. At Signature Title Professionals, we couple an extraordinary work ethic and attention to detail with an unparalleled dedication to customer satisfaction and provide a superior closing experience to you and your client.

Answer questions and solve problems.

Even those of us who have been in the real estate industry for many years often come across circumstances and scenarios which we may not know how best to handle. While most title companies leave it up to the real estate agents or loan processors to solve problems, we make ourselves available to our clients to answer questions and help you find solutions, even if we are not closing on a particular deal. Our underwriting attorneys are at our disposal to get clarification and guidance on particularly delicate or complicated situations. We cultivate professional relationships with our clients and routinely answer emails after hours and on weekends helping you get you stay on top of your business.

Help get your short sale approved.

Although short sales make up a significant portion of real estate closings, many real estate agents shy away from them because of the intense workload. Signature Title Professionals has been successfully helping listing agents and homeowners navigate this difficult process and mitigating the difficulties and stresses that come with it. We’ve learned the intricacies of dealing with the banks and know what it takes to obtain an approval. We offer short sale mitigation as part of our settlement services and do not charge any out of pocket fees to the homeowner or real estate agent, even if closing never takes place. We'd be happy to answer any of your questions, feel free to call us at 407-384-8727 or email us at