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The real estate downturn turned into a real estate upturn for investors. Investors now have an increased opportunity to purchase real estate through foreclosures and short sales that can produce greater returns, both short term and long term. At Signature Title Professionals, we cater to investors and help maximize their profit potential. Some of the ways we do this is by:

Providing a convenient closing process

We understand that an investor's time is extremely valuable and you would much rather spend your day looking for new opportunities, not dealing with the process of closing on the sale of a property. We have refined and simplified the closing process and can facilitate your closing around your busy schedule. Most investors we work with prefer not to come into the office for closing because of busy work/travel schedules and we can easily accommodate the vast majority of closings in your home/office, or even in a different state or country. We also have a network of professional signing agents that can come to you to make closing truly convenient.

Facilitating Seller Financing

Many investors choose to provide seller financing (Purchase Money Mortgage) to buyers who cannot qualify for traditional financing. This increases the pool of potential buyers and creates additional profit on interest charges. We have extensive experience with Purchase Money Mortgages and can provide the necessary documentation to facilitate seller financing. This streamlines the process by eliminating the need to use a 3rd party for loan document preparation, reducing closing costs, and ensuring accuracy.

Ensuring immediate delivery of sale proceeds

When a deal is closed and its time to get paid, no one likes to wait for their money. Signature Title Professionals uses the latest technology and a superior banking platform to greatly speed up the funding process and electronic delivery of your sale proceeds. Our premier treasury platform allows us to directly input wire requests without the need for lengthy processing. Outgoing wires are typically completed within minutes of initiating and can usually be available to the recipient within 30 minutes (depending on your bank's procedures).

Helping you find that next deal

We understand that your success directly translates to our success and we will go the extra mile to help you find your next deal. We have inside knowledge of which real estate agents are getting the best listings and we are often the first to know when a new listing is about to hit the market. We are also one of the first to know when a deal falls through because a buyer gets denied for financing or decides not to wait out the short sale approval process. These are prime opportunities for investors to take advantage of and step in as a new buyer and we are happy to open them up to you…and we will never charge a finder’s fee or referral fee!

Providing Escrow services

Many of the investors that we work with have come to rely on us hold funds in escrow for earnest money deposits (EMD’s) on property they are purchasing, even when we are not closing on the transaction. We take pride in earning your trust and take every measure to ensure that your funds are disbursed correctly, and applied correctly by the receiving title company. All disbursements are documented and escrow receipts are obtained from the receiving title company/attorney. Although there are typically banking fees associated with escrow services, we absorb those fees for investors with whom we have a working relationship with.