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  • Receive Order

    Upon receiving a real estate contract or title request, we’ll initiate the Title Search and unrecorded lien search of the property. To get started, visit the PLACE ORDER page and submit a request.

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  • Connect all parties involved

    We pride ourselves on creating a 100% transparent and open line of communication between all parties. We maintain that line throughout the entire process.

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  • Clear Title Conditions

    We then clear any encumbrances on the title, such as Mortgages, HOA Liens, or Judgments and provide necessary title documentation for buyer financing. If the deal requires a short sale approval, we work directly with the bank to initiate the request and obtain approval. See the short sale process for more detail.

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  • Closing

    It’s time to transfer ownership! We’ll set coordinate and confirm the closing between all parties and arrange for a mobile or mail-away closing if necessary. We’ll ensure all closing documents are executed correctly and completly and all necessary funds have been received. The final step is to obtain funding authorization and disburse funds.

  • Post-Closing

    We’ll ensure all necessary documents are recorded in public record and will prepare and deliver the final Title Insurance Policy along with the orginal recorded documents.

    Post closing

Short Sale Process

Short Process

Short Sales have grown into one of the more prominent segments of the Real Estate industry but the process can be tedious and difficult for homeowners and real estate agents to navigate. We have learned the intricacies of obtaining a short sale approval and can take over the process of initiating the request and obtaining the approval.

Our Short Sale Processing service includes but not limited to:

  • Ensuring all of the necessary documentation and information is provided and ready to submit to the lender(s).
  • The completed package is submitted to the lender as per their requirements.
  • The package is tracked through consistent follow up.
  • Additional requirements or requests made by the lender will be relayed promptly to the agent and the homeowner to ensure that approval can be obtained as quickly as possible.
  • Consistent communication from our short sale staff regarding the progress of your file.
  • Informing buyer’s agent of file progress, maintaining the buyer's interest and minimizing file cancellation.

Short sale process

Have a question on one of your deals?

  • Answers to specific title questions
  • Get a detailed preliminary HUD to present to your client
  • Get help obtaining a short sale approval


What is title insurance?

Title insurance insures against financial loss from defects in the title to property.

What should I bring to the closing?

Bring a valid government issued ID. Closing funds should be sent in form of wire. Please contact your bank prior to review all requirements for sending wires. Your closing agent will inform you of any additional documentation necessary for the closing.

Where do you conduct your closings?

Our offices are located in the Downtown Orlando and Kissimmee areas. We also offer remote closings as an added convenience, which are available in most areas throughout the United States.

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Why do I need title insurance?

To protect yourself from the possibility that the seller or previous seller didn’t have a clear ownership of the property, or had created an encumbrance on the property and therefore cannot legally transfer the ownership to you without encumbrances.

What does a title search involve?

The title search involves a thorough inspection of the public records concerning the property including deeds, wills, trusts, divorce decrees, court judgments, tax records and bankruptcy filings.

What are your office hours?

Our hours are Monday through Friday between 9am-5pm EST. Special arrangements are made as needed for after hour closings and we are always reachable at